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July 31, 2004
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Claws that rip,

Fangs that gleam,

Gives the mad wicked dreams.

Wanders forward; halts; stares,

Eyes of yellow, slitted pupils. Glare.

And out of shadows, rasped sound speaks,

Like a whisper given weak wind,

Quizzical voice whom obscures reap

With ill fated fate on breath, such sins.

ĎWhat wonders down before mine eyes?

Brings cause to wonder,

draws out surprise?

Why, travelers that wander here,

Come from far, come from near.

Pausing only in brief repose,

Tho' conciseness still may expose,

Secrets, lies, half truths, Un-wholes,

And in, the seekers dig like moles.

Stay for more than a moment long?

And thy mind to you will no longer belong.

Take into context thoughts that fray,

Like my claws, from which blood runs astray.

Now run, run little birds, have no fear,

We're all quite mad, Quite awfully mad, here.í
The Cheshire cat from American McGee's Alice Inspired me to write this. Well, that and playing the game for 3 hours straight.

A bit warped, yes, but it makes for a great PC game:)
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DarkKitsuneYokai Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2006
dude i love this poem. it fits american megee's alice's cheshire cat perfectly. awsome work
x-hex-x Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004
o.o! That's such a great game! :D My fav PC game to be exact. :w00t: How far are you?
SlainEmotion Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004
Mine too :excited:

So far Iíve got to the level: 'Queen of Hearts Land' and through the beginning of the Majestic Maze. Heh, still havenít managed to beat it yet sadly^^;
SlainEmotion Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004
The first area in the Vale of Tears is the Pool of Tears(I think) You start at the foot of a very large cliff, with Army Ant Soldiers at the top tossing rocks down on top of you. Run to the left side of the cliff, and you will be able to jump across to the walkway. As you walk up, you see cut scenes of the Ants tossing the giant boulders in your direction, so watch out because these things can kill you in one hit.

For the first rock, duck behind the waterfall to the left. If you need health, there will be a large Meta-Essence canister inside. Once the coast is clear, continue up the mountain. When you see the second boulder tossed at you, dont move until you see it pass out of the way on the walkway ahead of you. After the coast is clear again you can safely climb to the top of the cliff by running along the walkways.

At the top, you'll have to do battle with two Army Ant Soldiers, which are best defeated using the secondary attack on the Croquet Mallet, which will be able to hit them from a distance. The other thing you have to worry about are the flying beetles that toss exploding grenades at you. They can be killed by the Croquet Mallet's ranged attack, but are best avoided all together.
Follow the stream to a large pool where you will find the Mock Turtle crying. Talk to him and he will tell you if you get his shell back from the Duchess, he will tell you where you can locate the Caterpillar.
After you are done talking with the Turtle, a leaf will fall from the sky and land in the water. If you stand on this you'll be able to ride it pretty safely down most of the river.

Yeah, I know Iím a PC loser ^^; But I hope that helps:)
x-hex-x Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004
Ooo... How do you get passed "Tear's Point"--where the ants come down at you and this huge bolder comes and squishes you?
Nickmeister Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2004
woah i am so glad i read this
silentbride Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004
this one is awesome! :clap: :thumbsup: :+fav:
SlainEmotion Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004
:glomp: Thank you dear:)
airbournevirus Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2004  Professional General Artist
very powerfull imegry ^^ where would i find that movie btw? gotta see it lol as well as the game for mac.... damn pcs lol
SlainEmotion Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004
About the movie... I'm not entirely sure its made yet. I heard that it was comming out around 2005-ish but thats all I got^^;

Thanks for the comment^^ :hug:
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